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IPS & UPS / Galaxy IPS & UPS Z_series-850VA(Without batteries)

Product details of IPS & UPS / Galaxy IPS & UPS Z series 850 VA ( without batteries)

  • Long-lasting IPS & UPS Backup for your personal computer and for your valuable electric equipment at your home and office. It will protect your equipment from overload, high and low voltage, and short circuits. It has used Easy Interactive technology and natural cooling system, Special Features: IPS and UPS Mode, Fully Automatic and silent operation, Powerful Battery charger, Powerful backup capacity
IPS & UPS / Galaxy IPS & UPS Z_series-850VA(without batteries)
Products Description:
  1. Brand: Galaxy
  2. Product: Only Machine
  3. Model: z series 850VA
  4. Fully Automatic and silent operation
  5. Cool start
  6. Smart Design
  7. Capacity 850VA
  8. Load Details: Fan, lights or Computer, Tv, DOT Printer, Scanner, (as per calculation)
  9. Input Voltage:90-300VA
  10. Voltage:220Vac
  11. Inverter Mode: IPS & UPS Mode
  12. Inverter output Voltage: 220VAC
  13. Frequency (Battery Mode): 50-60 Hz
  14. Micro Processor Controlling System
  15. Wave Form: Quasi square
  16. Powerful Battery charger
  17. Auto charge controlling
  18. Battery Voltage: 12V DC
  19. Recharge Time: Normal ChargingOption 8-10 hours
  20. Recommended Battery: 12V 1pices (120AH-200AH)
  21. Backup Time: Depend On battery capacity
  22. Efficiency: Better than 90%
  23. Working Temp: 0° ~ 40° C
  24. Optional: UPS MODE: (Input:160-260V)/ (Normal Mode:Input: 90-300V)
  25. Display LED Display
  26. Protection: Surge, Spike Sag, Blackout, Brownout, Flicker, Over Voltage & Under Voltage, Low & high, battery charge, Overload, Output short circuit, Deep discharge & Noise(EMI & RFI) protection.
  27. Warranty: 24 Months or 2 years, 1 Year of spare parts and next year only service

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Zseries 850VA


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