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Voltage Stabilizer / Galaxy Voltage Stabilizer AVR+3000VA

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Heavy-duty and long-lasting Automatic voltage regulator for your valuable electric equipment at your home and office. It will regulate your voltage and protect your equipment from overload, high and low voltage, and short circuits.

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Voltage Stabilizer AVR+3000VA

Input voltage: AC 100-280V,
Input frequency : 50 Hz
Output voltage: AC 220+/- 8%
Output frequency : 50 Hz
Output efficiency: 97%
Zero Cross Transfer Technology + Coolmate technology
Transformer: Toroidal Transformer (EI Transformer optional)
Technology: Relay Type
Material Of Cabinet: Metal
Smart Display: Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Load Percentage, Delay Icone, Overload and protected Icon
Over Voltage Cut off
Under Voltage: Cut off
Over Temperature: Cut off
Short Circuit: breaker trip off
Delay time: 6s/180s Selectable

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AVR+ 3000 VA


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