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Jumbo hand palate trolley-HG-513

jumbo double Foldable handle

The floor is strong and durable, covered with a high-quality anti-slip PVC sheet. The rubber bumper surrounds to prevent shock.2 reinforced corrugated slabs sandwiched together, strong, durable, can support more weight The floor plate is covered with an anti-slip rubber sheet, good quality, durable. There is a rubber bumper around the edges. to prevent shockPowder spray paint, bake at high temperature to make the color last longer.PU wheels, 4 wheels, high-quality wheels from foreign countries, flexible even with full loads. leave no marks on the floor


Jumbo hand palate trolley-HG-513

Super quality hand trolley with both handles foldable. easily use and strong wheel with 650 KG load capacity. this perfect match for all users.This original product. it’s been Made in Thailand since 1993.

Jumbo hand palate trolley-HG-513 Specification :

  • Load Capacity: 650 KG
  • Size : 1280 x 765 x 1050 MM
  • Wheel: Four Wheel 200 MM
  • Carton Size :
  • 1180 x 790 x 255 MM
  • M3/pc : 0.238
  • 20’c : 120 pcs

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