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Welding machine / Hyundai Welding Machine TIG 250

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General Featchers

  • Rated Input Voltage (V) : 3P AC 380V 50Hz
  • Rated Input Current (A) 10~230(250)
  • No-load Voltage (V) 65
  • Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60
  • Down Slope(s) 0-5
  • Reblowing (s) 1-10+/-0.5
  • Efficiency (%) 85
  • Power Factor (cosø) 0.93
  • Protection Class IP21S
  • Insulation Class F
  • Net Weight (kg) 14.6
  • Basic Accessories: TIG torch, Electrode holder with 3m cable, Earth clamp with 2m cable, Hand-held face shield, Hammer & Brush

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Long-lasting welding machine with MOSFET Inverter technology. It has used high quality and energy-saving with TIG/MMA Multifunction. Good arc-starting and arc force, stable arc and little spatter. Built-in downslope and Preblowing. Auto protection of over-voltage and over-current. Continuously adjustable TIG welding time. A variety of welding gas delay requirements with Digital display

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TIG 250


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