12,000.00৳  N/A

Number of phases: 1ph+N
Nominal voltage: Single-phase 230Vac
Input voltage range: 230V ( +20%/-25%)
Nominal frequency: 50/60 Hz (automatic selection)
Input frequency range: +/-5%

Number of phases: 1ph+N
Nominal voltage: Single-phase 230Vac
Voltage regulation (line mode): Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz (automatic selection)
Inverter waveform : Modified sinewave
Overload capability : < 130%
Transfer time : 2 ms (typical)
Outlets: 4 UPS outputs (IEC 320 – C13 type) + 2 only fi ltered output (IEC 320 – C13 type)

Type Lead-acid, sealed, maintenance-free
Batteries number: 2 (internal)
Battery charge time (typical): 4 hours
Nominal battery voltage: 24Vdc
Battery specification: 12V 7,2Ah
Backup time (typical): 10 min -15 min
Environmental specification
Working temperature From 0 to 40 °C

Interface (communication ports): USB
Software: UPSILON 2000, upgradeable free from (compatible with WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX, ecc.)
Telephone/modem line protection: RJ11 plug

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Long-lasting UPS for your personal computer and for you valuable electric equipment at your home and office. It will protect your equipment from overload, high and low voltage, and short circuits. It has used Easy Interactive technology and natural cooling system, Equipped with 2 output cable IEC type. It has also some nice features like :

  • LCD Display
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation circuit (AVR)
  •  Output socket for blackout protection
  • Output sockets for overvoltage protection
  • Reduced weight and dimensions
  • Low noisiness
  • Easy installation
  • UPS management software
  • UPSILON 2000 (compatible with WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX, etc.)
  • Telephone/modem protection by
  • RJ11 plug


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